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Have you met Taylor Switzer yet?

In this weeks episode, I speak with Taylor Switzer, Owner of Taylor Switzer Make Up.

Taylor is a freelance hair and makeup artist whose been loving her craft for 10 years. Her goal is to make every person who sits in her chair feel like themselves, yet enhanced. Taylor has always had a passion for the beauty and fashion industry, but never had plans for it to be her career until she was already in it. It has been a wild ride, and she’s loving the highs and lows of it all.

We discuss:

  • How she discovered her dream job while working part-time at a Mac store

  • How she dealt with dealing with clients and obstacles during wedding and event lock downs and closures

  • Tips on how she built her business organically while living in London, England and Toronto

  • Advice on how she seeks out new clients, finds new opportunities and gets inspiration for a new path

Host Lindsay Dent, Founder & CEO of Pink Crown Creative @_lindsaydent & @pinkcrowncreative Email for sponsor opportunities, guest appearances or collaborations. Guests Taylor Switzer Instagram: @taylorswitzermakeup

Episode Resources We are listed as one of the Top 5 Canadian Women in Business Podcasts - read the full list here.

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