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Have You Met Her Yet? - Krista Gruen

Updated: May 6, 2020

Krista Gruen is the Owner and Key Stylist at Radiant Beauties, a professional mobile hair and makeup service for Vancouver and beyond.

When Krista was nineteen she left her hometown of Victoria, B.C. and started working as a singer/dancer on cruise ships. It didn’t take long to earn her sea legs and catch the travel bug.

Seven years and thirty-seven countries later, Krista hung up her feather backpack, and high heels and moved to Toronto. Soon after she found herself performing eight shows a week in the hit musical Mamma Mia! For the first time in her life, her bank account was full and she had a consistent job for (almost) a year. Krista’s days were free so she decided to go to school and get her beauty certificate.

Before she finished school Krista was already working for companies like TD Bank, Loreal, and Lululemon. A couple of years later she moved back to BC and started working for MAC Cosmetics. Since then she’s worked with several of the top wedding and headshot photographers in Vancouver as well as corporate clients like TELUS.

Krista is a business owner AND Mom of twin boys who turn four in April. The most common thing she hears is “I don’t want to look or feel like I’m wearing too much makeup”. If this sounds like something you would say then reach out to Krista so she can help you look like YOU on your most perfect day.

Watch the video interview below.

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