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Have You Met Her Yet? - Kristine Sostar-McLellan

Updated: May 13, 2020

In this weeks episode we feature Kristine Sostar McLellan, the Founder of One Tough Mother.

Kristine is an accidental entrepreneur. With a 10+ year career in Corporate Communications, she started One Tough Mother the year after her first child was born in 2017. After experiencing the incredible shock (does anyone realize how frequently they'll be calling their Mom to bring giant pads and granny panties?), and emotional ups and downs of entering new motherhood, she knew she never wanted another Mama to go through it unprepared. It started as a simple idea she was barely able to say out loud in her parents' backyard, What if I provided Moms with the information and resources they need in one, simple product? But she set to work surveying hundreds of Moms, trying to figure out exactly what they they loved, used most and wished they had had. It became clear that, as much as they needed certain items, they needed information and support, too.

So One Tough Mother, and the Postpartum Survival Kit, was born. Whether for a first, second or fourth time Mom, the kit was filled with all the items new Moms need — and also came with an eBook and online community of honesty and support. Today One Tough Mother is a Vancouver-based, Mom-owned business committed to helping Mamas thrive. Now officially Mom-owned — plural! — as her childhood friend and doula (she attended both of Kristine's home births!), Allison Farrance, has officially come on as a co-owner. In addition to the Postpartum Survival Kit, they recently launched their own proprietary line of clean and vegan postpartum products: Thrive Mama... Because helping Mamas thrive is the entire reason they do what they do.

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Kristine Sostar McLellan, Founder of One Tough Mother @one_toughmother

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