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Have you met Anthea Austin from Clear Margin Consulting yet?

In this weeks episode, I speak with Anthea Austin, Founder & Strategic CFO of Clear Margin Consulting.

Anthea Austin is an entrepreneur, accountant, and founder of Clear Margin Consulting, a Vancouver-based accounting and bookkeeping firm. Anthea assists small business owners build successful, compliant, and profit-driven businesses.

We discuss:

  • How she helps small business owners organize their business finances and goals

  • How she deals with comparison and overwhelm as a woman in the workplace

  • Tips when it comes to dealing with tax season

  • How she helps her audience learn more about business and money on her podcast "Financial Conversations".

Host Lindsay Dent, Founder & CEO of Pink Crown Creative @_lindsaydent & @pinkcrowncreative Email for sponsor opportunities, guest appearances or collaborations. Guests Anthea Austin, Entrepreneur, Accountant and Founder of Clear Margin Consulting Instagram: @clearmarginconsulting Podcast: Financial Conversations

Episode Resources We are listed as one of the Top 5 Canadian Women in Business Podcasts - read the full list here.

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