An Introverts Guide to Networking

As introverts, there is something that we all can agree on: social events are exhausting.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy being around people, or we don’t like to expand our bubble, it’s simply that it’s draining. Networking becomes harder when it’s something you have to recharge from. However, in the world of business, it’s something very helpful and necessary to successes both big and small.

Having a strong network is beneficial for many reasons. Some of which are:

  • Hidden job opportunities

  • Advancement in your own career, or helping others advance in theirs

  • Mentorships, resources, advice, and support from like-minded people

  • The perspective of others can help you come up with unique, strong ideas


Due to the pandemic, in-person networking events have screeched to a halt. For many introverts, this is a small blessing. Online networking events and connecting through social media has been huge during this time. You can expect that throughout this pandemic and beyond, online networking will remain very popular.

Online networking has opened up many opportunities for introverted business owners and entrepreneurs to put themselves out there, particularly on a smaller scale. This is a big advantage because meeting in smaller groups or one-on-one really allows each person to get to know each other and to deepen the connection. You can actually remember their name and face instead of forgetting due to the sensory overload that is going to a large event and meeting countless new people.

There's really nothing better than making connections from the comfort of your own home!