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Are you an aspiring small business owner or a secret entrepreneur who is stuck in the daily grind of your unfulfilling job?

Do you dream about having work-life balance, and the freedom to follow your dreams, and start your own business?

Are you ready to stop running away from your life and start falling in love with it instead?

If you have yelled "Heck Yes" to any of the above, I am here to tell you that #corporateworklife does not have to be a forever death sentence.



Life is too short to hate what you do,

and to not follow your passions.  

Lindsay Mitchell - founder of PinkCrownCreative

I see and hear you entrepreneur!


It is time to stop hiding in your goals and ambitions and start living a life that you are excited about!


My name is Lindsay,I started PinkCrownCreative, because I was just like YOU! 

After many years working in the corporate world, I realized I was a closeted #girlboss who was stuck hiding behind a desk and behind work that I was not connected to or passionate about.

I was not happy. It was hard to get out of bed, hard to feel motivated and I was extremely uninspired and depressed ALL.THE.TIME. For such a creative and positive person, who had dreams of doing something amazing, it was not a great feeling.

I struggled a lot and was terrified of the unknown. Eventually it became clear to me that being, happy, healthy and passionate about my life was way more important to me than putting all of my time and energy into making someone else's business goals and dreams come true. 

I finally made a decision to pursue my passion and start my journey as a womenpreneur and girlboss. I aligned myself with a companies and people who believe in the same values and goals that I have. 

No longer would I be just another number sitting in a windowless office at a cubicle. I would seek out to be my own boss, and run my own business.

My mission is to work with women in business who are closeted small business owners and entrepreneurs, like I was.

They are ready to break free from the daily 9-5 grind of their unfulfilling jobs. They are open to seeking help and guidance to gain knowledge, and advice to launch, market and grow their own business.

They are strong, motivated, passionate and inspiring women who want to own their lives, pursue their dreams and want to gain financial independence as a women running her own business.


Let's connect, collaborate and conquer your business goals!

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