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Through using personal @pinkcrowncreative examples and visuals, this solutions gives you tips and tricks on why you should bring your business to instagram and the benefits on promoting/marketing your services/products on there


Who is this for?

  • Those who want to improve their instagram skills 

  • Interested in building an online empire for their business 

  • Interested in directly connecting and building relationships with their followers/customers 

  • Individuals who want to grow their online presence 

  • entrepreneurial/marketing career lifestyle 

  • Values examples to help further explain certain topics related to instagram 

  • Values: hardworking, empowering, willing to learn


What will you learn?

  • Why instagram is the ideal platform to market your business on 

  • How to use instagram features to its full potential to grow your business

  • How instagram ads can benefit your business and expand your audience outreach 

  • How to properly use instagram marketing terminology

  • The importance of finding an aesthetic and sticking to it

  • Hosting events/ giveaways to engage your community 

  • How to avoid common mistakes made on instagram 

The Ultimate Instagram Guide For Your Business

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