Have you met Ayelen Osorio from Netcoins?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In this weeks episode we speak with Ayelen Osorio of Netcoins.

We discuss: - what is crypto currency and why we should care about it as Canadians  - how the pandemic has affected the way we should look at crypto currency - why its important to become financially literate in todays ever changing landscape  - why it is important for women to learn about investing and securing their future financially

Ayelen is the Content & Community Manager at Netcoins. "I am fascinated by the next frontier of money (bitcoin), and all its possibilities. From the philosophy to the technology behind bitcoin, I spend my days studying and writing about the future of money. I live for radical ideas that change the world through technology and goodwill at massive scale. And I enjoy working with motivated people to discover, dissect and define the answers to the question on how we can make the world a more fair and productive place through innovative products."

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