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Kindness Mission

Earlier this fall, I was asked by a dear client and friend to be a part of her kindness mission. As she geared up to celebrate her 30th birthday, she wanted to start a movement within her brand that will spread and share kindness within her clients and community.

I was so honoured when I was chosen to be a part of this mission as it really resonates with me and my own mission in inspiring and empowering other entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread love and kindness in their everyday life as they grow their businesses.

When businesses connect such meaningful and inspiring missions to their brand it really brings a whole new appreciation and adoration for their company that goes beyond the products and services that they sell.

Leah, from Leah Yard Design says:

"Yes, it is as sappy as it sounds. I believe that simple acts of kindness create a ripple effect that can ultimately change the world. I asked 5 women in my community to retell stories of either the kindest act they have recently witnessed, or done themselves. My favourite thing about kindness is how contagious it is. I guarantee this will make you smile."

To see the full interview, check out "Kindness Mission" on Leah Yard Designs blog and spread the love!


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