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Feeling unmotived right now? Us too.

Anyone not feeling particularly motivated or creative right now say “I”!

I x 10000000000000000

We are trying our best over here to put the Creative back into Pink Crown and are struggling. We realize it is OKAY and we don’t have to know the answers, feel guilty or punish ourselves for not feeling like our chipper, cheerleader-y selves.

Right now, we are thankful to those who are positive, who are keeping in together and who are being the motivation and inspiration we need in these times of doubt and uncertainty. You are amazing!

One thing we do want you to know is that we are still here and still have goals and aspirations of fuelling your creativity and bringing future growth and success into your businesses.

As a good friend said to me today, “the darkest hour is just before dawn”. It may seem dark right now, but we know sunlight, rainbows and sparkles will exist on the other side and we will all get through this together. Sending an abundant amount of creativity and love to you.

Take care of yourselves.

💕- Lindsay xox


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