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Blonde Ambition

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

"What would happen if we encouraged all women to be a little more ambitious? I think the world would change." - Reese Witherspoon

Have you read Reese Witherspoon's article in Glamour Magazine yet?

I read it last week at a time when I was feeling really low. I left a situation I was in as it was a very negative space and I wasn't feeling like I was able to be free, challenged or motivated anymore, but I still had this sense of insecurity. I didn't know if I was just being silly, if I made the wrong choice, or if I was stupid, foolish and naive. After reading this article, it reminded me of the EXACT reason why I left. I left and ran away from a man who was threatened by my ambition. He was threatened of my voice, my point of view, my vision. I don't think he had ever encountered such a strong and outspoken women before that he punished me and tried to shut me up instead. I am proud of myself for sticking up for my beliefs and my goals. I now know that I have opened the gates to many amazing things to happen, and I can finally follow my dreams and build a life that I am passionate and excited about.

To anyone who is looking for a bit of inspiration, and who also needs to know that it is not okay to be pushed around and feel like nothing by a man in the workplace. It is okay to speak up It is okay to want great things for yourself It is okay to want to be successful It is okay to want to be in charge It is okay to be ambitious I hope one day I can be the kind of inspiration that Reese Witherspoon is to other females. I want to band together and stand up for the women in the workplace who are afraid to shine and show their power and ambition.

Click here to read the full article.


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