I am huge film buff on a mission to  bring me closer to my passion, FILM! After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University with a degree in Communications and Film studies, I have continued to crave the excitement and thrill of film, and have been in search of a creative outlet that I could be a part of in fulfilling this void. I have been involved in the film industry since 2008 where I had the role of reading and giving a coverage report for scripts for film company in Ontario , as well as the role in my University as Marketing and Promotional Coordinator for our on campus Film Festival as well as the Grand River Film Festival. Within these companies, I had the role of promoting our events through social media, promotional fliers, e-mail blast, and live events.


For pleasure, meeting new people and networking since 2010, I have volunteered with both the Toronto and Vancouver International Film festivals in the communications and marketing department. With this experience I was able to get insight into the promotional part of the festivals, as well as the behind the scenes logistics and organization into these huge events. I had a direct role in creating a fun and exciting festival experience that no-doubt brings energetic film lovers back every year. Working in these festivals further grew my love and excitement for the business, and I have had a strong attraction into finding a way that I could make this experience into a fulfilling career.


Throughout my career, I have become an expert in writing, marketing and selling with skills in Demand Generation, Digital Marketing, Event Management, Content Creation as well as Branding and Promotions. I believe that my enthusiasm and dedication to this industry and art form is infectious, and I hope you continue to enjoy the ride with me and GO SEE MORE FILM!


Since I moved to Vancouver, I have been lucky to be a part of a group that allows me to attend free advanced screening of films that have yet hit the theatres yet. Since moving here, I have probably seen more than 50+ films for free. The advanced screenings are usually shown up to a week in advance. I really enjoy going to these screenings, not just because they are free, but because how exclusive it is to be chosen out of a group of people to see a film before it's public release. 

This is one of the major reasons why I loved experiencing films when I was a volunteer at the Toronto International Film Festival. The feeling of seeing a film, especially if you were lucky enough to see a film so special months sometimes even years before their release, is a feeling like no other. To me it is such a fun kept secret that only a handful of people get to say they were a part of the first audience in the WORLD to see the first screening of that film when it came out. 

Click below to read my reviews on some of the recent films I have been lucky to see at advanced screenings in Vancouver. 


"Film and theatre are about capturing moments: things we wish we'd said, heartaches that haven't healed, the thrill of the unknown"


One of my favourite things to do is watch, discuss, rate and analyze films with my friends and family. Since the ritual of "Netflix & Chill" came out, it has become a highly popular past time to watch and discuss in great detail and lengths the newest series obsession. Here is what I am currently obsessed with on Netflix.

If you have not seen the below shows yet, I highly recommend them. 


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